BLADESHOT Part 3 (and 1+2): Babes, Blades, and Tentacles

Created by Sheath Comics

The hero with the gun that shoots knives RETURNS...again!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Good news everybody! High Res files incoming!
5 days ago – Tue, Apr 09, 2024 at 06:26:32 AM

Based on some feedback on file compression / quality, we just re-released new digital downloads in FULL RESOLUTION for Issue 3. If you purchased Issue 2 as a part of this Kickstarter, or the previous one, it has also been re-released. (Issue 1 was already full resolution!)

Check your email for an email from BackerKit with instructions on how to download the files.

Now you can zoom in on all of those naughty, naughty pixels. 

7 days ago – Sat, Apr 06, 2024 at 08:14:44 PM

Digital rewards incoming!

If you're reading this tonight (Saturday), then check your e-mail tomorrow morning for a Backerkit e-mail featuring a link to digital copies of Bladeshot Part 3! 

If you're reading this tomorrow (Sunday), then what are you waiting for? It's time to read the next exciting chapter of the Bladeshot saga! 

We are super proud of this issue! Everything from the art to the design work and the incredible action are cranked up a notch since last time! We hope you will give it a read through and drop a comment here to let us know what you think!

More info coming as we get physical copies in and begin the shipping process. Until then, we hope you love it!


Ben CJ Brett

about 1 month ago – Sun, Mar 03, 2024 at 01:22:34 PM


We are now at the finish line for Bladeshot Part 3! All art is done and we're putting the last touches on lettering and design, and then it will be off to the printers!

Stay tuned for more updates!


Ben CJ Brett

February Update!
2 months ago – Thu, Feb 08, 2024 at 05:33:05 AM

Work continues on Bladeshot Part 3!

At this point, we have charged shipping for backerkit and finalized all backers, so we are placing our orders for extras, bonuses, and add-ons now that we have final numbers!

The books is at the "oh man, we are so close" phase as we await final colors and to polish off the lettering.

Once we have our metal orders in hand we will do the prize drawing for the incredible 11 x 17 horror icons print, so stay tuned for that!


Ben CJ Brett

Chance to win! Read on!
3 months ago – Sat, Jan 06, 2024 at 02:24:53 PM

Additional Chances to Win in Prize Drawing! 

Greetings! Artist Ben Worrell draws a lot of different books in addition to Bladeshot and we want to show some support to other creators here on Kickstarter!

Stellarlands Coming Soon!

Stellarlands 1 & 2, a sci-fi epic featuring political drama and intergalactic superheroes, are coming in February! 

If you follow this link, choose "notify me" on the landing page, and comment on THIS UPDATE letting us know you did so, we will double your number of entries for the LIMITED EDITION 17 x 11" METAL HORROR ICONS PRINT! 

You don't have to back Stellarlands, just go follow the page so you can check it out when it launches! 

Remember, follow the landing page and comment here and we will DOUBLE your entries in the prize drawing, easy peasy! 

**Note - Stellarlands is not affiliated with Sheath Comics After Dark or with Bladeshot, this is just a great way to show some love to another project artist Ben Worrell is working on!


Ben CJ Brett